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Essential Oils capture their energising power from the sunshine and inherit the treating capabilities of the plants from which they are derived.

Mary Cohr has selected 3 Essential Oils that have a broad range of complementary actions which are exceptionally effective on the skin, SAGE for its youth and regenerating actions, LAVENDER for its stress-relieving and relaxing actions, ROSEMARY for its toning and firming actions.

Mary Cohr has created beauty care products with active ingredients chosen from the heart of nature which nourish the skin with only the best and most active botanical substances. Selective use of ESSENTIAL OILS enables even the most demanding skin to recover life, energy and radiance.

By creating VITAL ESSENCES Mary Cohr has made the   penetration process of Essential Oils more practical and aesthetic, due to the hydrogel procedure Mary Cohr also help enhance your body in the sun thanks to our sun care product range




Skin cleansing, deep cleaning is necessary to purify the skin and allow it to breath more easily. The natural plant extracts selected by Mary Cohr guarantee gentle, delicate cleaning key ingredients ROSE & CAMOMILE EXTRACTS





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The skin is constantly renewing itself. New cells form deep down and push the old cells to the skin’s surface where they accumulate in the stratum corneum. The complexion becomes dull and the face loses its radiant glow. Exfoliation helps eliminate dead cells and restore radiance to the face.




Water, source of life.

Beauty care for dehydrated skin – get genuine day long moisture replenishment.

HYDROSMOSE COMPLEX : Complex of natural ingredients derived from Mary Cohr research, which diffuses its exceptional moisturising power deep into the skin

AQUAMOSES: these liposomes transport water to the cells by osmosis providing continuous moisture replenishment.


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Help erase the marks of time from your complexion.

Beauty care for devitalised , slackened skin –revives elasticity and improves cellular regeneration.

DERMOSTIMULINES – VIT C: Dermostimulines have exceptional regenerating properties, they awaken dormant structures in the skin to strengthen ,firm and tone. Vit C encourages the production of elastin fibres to reinforce the skins natural support tissue.

PLANT PLACENTA: The placenta is precious rich and nourishing and has effects proven to help restore firmness radiance and youth in the skin.


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–  NEW YOUTH, Reprogramme youthful looking skin.

Beauty care to boost the skins vital functions and compensate for the effects of hormone deficiencies.

CELLULAR LIFE CONCENTRATIONS: When formulating this range Mary Cohr turned to the medium used in hospitals to recreate new skin from living cells, it has a unique action promoting cellular growth, proliferation and longevity.

HYDROLYSED DNA AND HYALURONIC ACID: Helps to protect the DNA structure in the skin from free radical damage. The hyaluronic acid spheres settle into furrows of facial wrinkles and visibly diminish them and provide long lasting moisture replenishment.


Products4528-1000x1000-33740Recover comfort and radiance

Beauty care for dry skin- relieves all feelings of tightness and fatigue.

MARY COHR NUTRITIONAL COMPLEX: Raspberry seed oil , macadamia oil and camellia oil strengthen the skins intercellular cement and nourish  the skin with fatty acids.






mary-cohr-pure-environment-50ml~3078518The fresh air cure for your skin.

Beauty care for damaged skin- This unique treatment restores oxygen to the cells and neutralises the harmful effects of pollution. Contains no parabens artificial colours or filters.

PRO-OXYGENE: 100 percent natural active ingredient that helps to increase eteh amount of oxygen in the skin.

PURIBOL: this anti pollution active ingredient works like a gas mask for the skin protecting it for external aggressors.



Products4529-1000x1000-33744The beauty of delicate skin

Beauty care for sensitive and delicate skin.

MARY COHR GENTLE COMPLEX: Vit B5 and cotton oil reinforce the skins defences while reducing feelings of irritation and discomfort.

SOOTHING PLANTS: natural active ingredient chosen for their properties that reduce burning sensations , diminish redness and improve comfort.




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Purify microbial impurities.

Beauty care for combination and oily skin – normalising sebaceous secretions improving minor irritations and skin imperfections.

SEBOSTOP COMPLEX AND MATIPOWDERS: Powerful anti-sebum and purifying actions of plant extracts help to eliminate shine and tighten visibly open pores.




Products4564-1000x1000-33877Revive the radiance of your complexion.

Beauty care for lack lusture skin.

NATURAL FRUIT ACIDS: Mild fruit acids promote natural skin exfoliation by eliminating cells marked by ageing and dehydration to revel the skins new radiance.