About Us


Evanna Salon Shop Front

Evanna Beauty and Eikon Beauty have merged to become Wexford’s most elite Laser & Skin Clinic.  Evanna will be moving to Redmond Square to join Eikon Beauty in their state of the art premises on Monday 22nd May 2023.

We are an advanced skincare and holistic centre, where you’ll find experienced professionals using the latest in skincare technology and a wide range of complementary treatments. We also offer specialsed fertility reflexology and Ayurvedic massage treatments such as our new Kansa foot and leg treatment.

In our Retail Section, we stock the complete range of Environ products and Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements as well as Crystal Clear and Mary Cohr skincare ranges, We offer a large selection to ensure all clients preferences are catered for. Also available is Jane Iredale Makeup which is a pure mineral makeup that actually cares for and protects the skin.

We are pleased to announce Evanna offer therapy in Cancer Care reflexology and massage (touch therapy). Using the Lindi range of products which is scientifically researched and recommended to help with the drastic effects that chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have on skin. Bringing cancer care to Evanna, will be a great advantage to Wexford and surrounding areas.

Evanna also have their own Foot Clinic, where we understand that seeking advice and consultation for one’s feet can be awkward at the best of times! The reality is you simply needn’t worry. We’ve seen it all and are more than happy to help with advice and treatment.

Another unique and well received bonus for Evanna customers is that we offer free car parking and also because we are not in the middle of the busy town centre, customers who are having treatments – leave feeling calm, not rushing, worrying about topping up their car parking meter, truly feeling the benefits of their relaxing experience at Evanna the Faythe. Save Evanna in your phone map for future use!

Still in keeping with customer care and convenience for clients and potential clients. We are very pleased to have developed an Evanna Beauty app which can be downloaded free of charge to your mobile device. This app is simple and interactive and allows you to book appointments 24/7 without the cost of a phone call; it’s discreet and allows you to meet our therapists and choose which therapist you would like; keep a record of your services; view our gallery and also get directions to our salon.

We also keep our customers up to date with our regular Evanna Newsletter, where you can avail of any special offers or discounts on treatments and products and also keep up to date on any events or specialised beauty days happening in our salon.
We are constantly striving to be the best skincare and holistic centre as well as offer services that stand above and beyond all other salons in Wexford.