Specialised Cancer Care

Lindi 1Here in Evanna, we offer specialised treatments for clients undergoing / have gone through or have very reactive skin to other products. We specialise in the Lindi skin range, as it has been developed and clinically proven to help with skin compromised by the effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or harsh products.
Lindi skin was developed in 2003 by Philadelphia lady Lindy Snider who herself is a survivor of cancer. It is manufactured in the USA and is available in many leading medical and cancer care centres throughout America and the world and has been scientifically researched through many advisory boards.
Evanna Beauty offer these customised treatments to meet the unique and changing needs of someone during treatment, or who have been through cancer or would like to maintain a good skin regime using natural products. Our expert therapist has been trained in oncology massage by the renowned trainer and oncology therapist Christine Clinton, who is originally Irish and now resides in Philadelphia USA. Christine introduced the Lindi skin into Ireland and is also a proud partner of the Marie Keating Foundation.


Touch Therapy using Lindi Skin products help with the following symptoms:

• Dry itchy skin
• Hand & Foot syndrome
• Anxiety / Depression
• Fatigue / Stress
• Radiation rash or burns

Evanna Beauty Cancer CareWhat’s not in Lindi skin products: 

• No Acid
• No peeling agents
• No dyes
• No exfoliates
• No heavy perfumes



Key Features:

• Ideal for compromised skin
• Specially designed for cancer care
• One to one consultation with an expert therapist
• Treatments tailored to your specific needs

Range of Treatments suggestions

Initial Consultation – Free of Charge  

This first consultation is free of charge to discuss treatments available to suit your needs. Everybody deserves the best of care, especially when someone is going through the challenges of cancer or a trauma. Touch therapy offers specialised gentle treatments for those dealing with serious illness or trauma, using scientifically researched products for both the face and body. Our facials are designed to help with the drastic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in a safe, comforting environment.

Lindi Comfort Facial Treatment  – €60

This gentle soothing face treatment eliminates dry, flaky, sensitive skin. Choose from a refreshing citrus or relaxing lavender serum to calm soothe nourish and protect the skin. Also includes a relaxing hand and foot treatment to calm and hydrate the nails and cuticles.

Lindi Radiation Relief body treatment  – €60

Enjoy this gentle body massage to help relieve aches pains or muscle soreness leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. If necessary a cooling pad is applied to any radiation exit burns or rash leaving your skin feeling less irritated.

Healing Manuka Honey Scalp Massage – €40

Honey is a natural humectant which helps retain moisture and prevents dehydration; it also helps with scarring and hastens hair re-growth. This gentle scalp massage with Manuka honey is very nurturing and helps hair re-growth through the high concentration of amino acids and vitamin C by feeding the follicles.
NB: this scalp massage is only suitable for clients with no hair or hair no longer than 2 centimetres.

Please call us on 053-9170848 or email salon@evannabeauty.ie if you would like further details.